We are officially recognised as Ringwood’s history centre

Our extensive archive, currently maintained by our archivist John Hawkins, was created to keep a record of the history of Ringwood.

They tell the story of Ringwood, all the many changes which have occurred from long ago to modern times. We have articles, photographs and maps on virtually every aspect of the town, including:

  • People - families who have lived in the town for generations and those have played significant parts in the shaping of Ringwood, famous residents and visitors
  • Buildings - from the grand to the humble, including those which have been lost
  • Trade and industry - glove and collar/cuff making to Wellworthy Engineering, the history of the Market Place and High Street, the cattle market, churches and pubs
  • Infrastructure - development of roads, the A31 splitting the town in half, the rise and fall of the railway
  • Ringwood at play - the carnivals, Friday frolics, Christmas parades, the great Gaol break, pedal car races, the fairs and street parties, amateur drama and music groups

In addition to this, two of our members and one trustee, Mary Baldwin, Tony White and John Hawkins are recognised local historians whose informative historical articles have been published in the local press.

Ringwood Meeting House - Archives  Ringwood Meeting House - Archives